If Only You Knew Too!


Jacy two books are about changing the attitudes of today’s society at way we treat people with disabilities. A lot of them look at us as ‘weak, vulnerable and pity’ but on the other side a lot of people with disabilities are lonely, depressed and don’t know what to do.
I am torn in both worlds. I live a ‘normal’ world but treated like a ‘disabled’ person. When I’m out in the society people constantly treat me like I don’t have thinking capabilities because I walk like a drunk and shake like a person who has Parkinson disease but I don’t.

If Only You Knew is perfect title for me because once people know who I am on the inside they would realise I am just like them.

Ok, I have Cerebral Palsy and hearing impaired but that doesn’t stop me from being ‘normal’. I am determined, positive and outgoing person with a big personality. I am a mother of a teenager son and have a partner with Cerebral Palsy and he has no interest to be ‘just another poor disabled’ person either. We both drive our cars and run our own businesses. I’m an author/graphic designer and Brad is a computer programmer. So we are no ‘dummies’!

The responses to my first book were absolutely overwhelming.! Many had a really good look at their lives and changed their ways of thinking when it came to people with disabilities.  The ‘sympathetic attitudes’ and ‘awareness’ are slowly changing and people are realising that we are all the same: human.

To educate families, inspire our hardworking carers and encourage disabilities services to think outside the circle.

To encourage people with disabilities to be involve in their community and to be active in their own lives, try new things, to live a good life and don’t be afraid to fail… That’s life!