If Only You Knew Too! eBook version


So now you think you know me, right?  WRONG!!

There is so much more you have to know about me and then you will be even more surprised or shocked!  If you haven’t read my first book, you will certainly be confused as you read on, because you need to know why I am so ‘different’ from the others (please at least read the foreword with Dr Brian Matthew’s review to get to know me before going ahead with this second part of my story).  Sound big headed there, but it’s true.  This second book is based on my adult life and how I coped in my ‘mature’ years: learning to live on my own, finding ways of doing the basic things my way, making quite a few mistakes along the way, and becoming a positive and strong-minded person.  After all, that’s what life is all about, right, and so far I’ve had a pretty damn good one!