Who is Jacy Arthur?

Well, I am a girl from the Outback, Broken Hill to be exacted.
I was born with Cerebral Palsy with severe hearing loss.

I hear by reading lips and I am bloody fantastic at it!
I speak through my hands, not with sign language,
but at a keyboard and Facebook is my vessel.

I may be shy in person but I can be heard and
understood through my delightful and powerful words.

I have written two books so far, ‘If Only You Knew’ and
‘If Only You Knew Too’. These books are about my life and
how we (my family) dealt with it.

The first book, ‘If Only You Knew’ is about a young girl
with a disability growing up in the real world.
See, I was not disabled in the eyes of my family.
I was not disabled in the eyes of my friends and
I was not disabled in the eyes of my teachers.

The follow up book was ‘If Only You Knew Too’.
This is about my adult years. Moving from small
outback town Broken Hill in NSW to the big scary city
Adelaide SA. Starting computer course which I was finally
awarded top of the class because I was actually smart!
Meeting lots of people with disabilities, moving out on my own,
finding my ways to live in the real world.
Becoming a mother and having a man in my life.

Why did I wrote my books?
To Educate the Uneducated!

Many people see us (person with disabilities) still as
portray of weakness or being vulnerable, or as an object to pity. 

A lot of people with disabilities are lonely,
depressed and don't know what to do.

I live in two worlds. One is too fast.
I am a Graphic Designer. I am good at my job,
but when we live in a ‘NOW’ world, everything is needed now.
I cannot compete with the 'abled bodied' Graphic Designers,
they are simply too fast, not better, just faster.

The opposite is the disabled world. It too slow.
As you can see, there not much I can’t do
(except for riding a bicycle),
not much I need help with.

I am torn between two worlds on everything
but through my experiences the 'normal' world is
too fast for me to keep up and the 'disabled' world is too slow.


if only you knew

Did you know that I have been doing Keynote Presentations
for Adelaide's St Paul's College for the past 5 years!