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If Only You Knew!

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Jacy’s Books

    • If Only you Knew  
    • If Only You Knew Too!

My books will change your mind about
people with Disability with positive,
funny and real stories!

Jacy’s Books

  • If Only you Knew  
  • If Only You Knew Too!

My books will change your mind about
people with Disability with positive,
funny and real stories!


Jacy Arthur

I started to put my life down in words a long time ago when I was in my early 20s. I wanted to tell everyone that people with disabilities are real people, with real emotions and ambitions.
We lead normal lives with a few extra challenges – and we are not all the same. The purpose of my book was to get people with disabilities to say …

“We can do this, in our own way.”

About Jacy’s book


I have a disability and a twisted sense of humour – and I’m living my life the way I can with Cerebral Palsy and severe deafness! I am selling this fabulous feel-good book, a wake-up call with a ‘wow’ factor, on my own. 

It’s funny and real and with no self-pity at all!

  • 20 Chapters
  • True Storie
  • Laughable moments
  • Download PDF or ePUB 
  • Hardcopy with photos in Greyscale
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Presentation with
Jacy & Brad

Cerebral Palsy Presentation  is design to teach the general public about people with disabilities.

We will show slides that make you think, video clips makes you laugh, and you’ll never forget us ever again!

Times between 15 minutes to an hour!  
Your choice really.

Simple. Easy. Educational 

About us!

One of Jacy Arthur’s ambition is to spread the word through education with her Cerebral Palsy Presentation that shows that we are living in a time of acceptance, in relations to people with disabilities.

This is not the dark ages. Nor is it the 1950’s, when people were locked up because they looked different. They were hidden away from society. Kept out of sight. Times have changed…or have they? People with mild Cerebral Palsy can live and work and be employed, if they are allowed to.

Some do office work, play sports, they even get married and like me even have a child. We live life to the fullest!

Together, Jacy and Brad give you an honest account of their own lives and explain how Cerebral Palsy rules their lives but doesn’t stop them from living a full life!

Who have we educated so far!

Jacy and Brad have been doing their presentations at St Paul’s College, Gillie Plains, South Australia since 2016. They’ve become a regular event on the Year 11 calendar in Disability Studies. We’re proud to say “We know it’s been very successful, because they keep asking us back”. Over the years we’ve presented to several mother’s groups, Dog training groups and a variety of other social groups around Adelaide as well. 




Our purpose is to educate society. We want people to know that just because we look different, does not mean we are incapable of living a full and productive life!

We just want staff to be understanding, helpful and thoughtful. Many people with disability go out on their own and only need minimum assistance, on occasion.

This could be as simple as asking a cafe worker to read the menu, or let us point to the meal we want if our speech is difficult for them to understand. If asked they could cut up our meal in the kitchen before serving it to us. Little things like this are so helpful and makes us feel very welcome. That way, we return over and over again!

Perhaps a customer with a disability may require a little assistance at the checkout. We may just need a friendly hand on occasions. Not too much to ask is it? 

We are often told we should have a carer with us, but this is not always required. A kind helping hand would often suffice!


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